The definition of love and peace is the moon

  • The Moon,3. Third, when feat, when the moon grows up, the person gets rich in the strong business-profession, the woman is very coveted. Whether the person in the position of the moon is a man of action, whether it is Prachari Swarwari’s sword, it is a great sign that many scholars are highly creative and well-versed. Art is a good instrument.This moon creates our texts in philosophy that creates the passion and opportunity of travel, because of the opportunities available in foreign countries, this moon is very good for the singing, the moon is the best, the moon which is primarily intellectual, produces high quality materials This yoga is a very good mind, and it is a special kind of thinking. When Chandra is trying to help in scientific research, Chandra is on the back of the male and the female sannyasins, in order to find his sister’s descent. Come on This moon travels far and wide in the 27th year of the moon’s moon. Spirituality is the path of a person who is Chandrayaan. It is conservative. In this place, when the moon is contaminated, the sister is disturbed, the very flawless nature, the fear of selflessness, the health of the journey, the defective of the news, the defame of the newsletter, the constant accusation of the person being accused of stealing writing. That contaminated moon Provide fruit
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