The definition of love and peace is the moon

  • The Moon,1.When the Moon rises in the first place, it makes the deaf-blind or the fool silly, but it is a delight if the Moon is in the Taurus or Cancer.Birth and Moon When the Moon is up and running, the beautiful and glorious body of the black hair is a spherical and slightly gross body Slightly gross body clean eyes, attractive lustrous sweet talker, calm face always looks more attractive in women who are young-born The nature shown by the moon is different from the amount of marriage, the same nature appears to be related to the nature. For example, the mesh marriage is only the result of marriage, the greater the experience will be realized, only if the moon is visible to the moon, the gentleman of the playful nature is a harmless villainous villain, Much more amusing in married cousins Are there Looking at the beauty of nature, the liking of natural beauty is the one who loves to wander in a pleasant mood. The family of lovely , a struggling family showing that there is a specialty among the masses and children, the moon of this place gives great power to the people who are immensely attracted to the work of the people, they are interested in the reservoir; Taurus Cancer of Libra is the most famous people in the public. In the public spheres of the people who are in the front of the Moon, the results of bringing the Moon with many hourscop are asleep in the gutter It also happens with the hopes of rubbing the rubbish bed and keeping the chattering with others hoping to rub.The person who lives in the child’s hair is inclined towards the art of art and literature, while in the direction of Saturn, there is a trend towards classical subjects. Since Moon is a horoscope, people of all regions are very influenced by this condition.
  • If the moon is contaminated, it is a frequent complaint of very bad condition of fire. Enlightenment Fire Insomnia: Disordered anxiety, anxiety, mental balance, fear of water, ascites, such as ascites, asadity.Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Atal Bihari Vajpayee Rabindranath Tagore Rajiv Gandhi is born on this yoga.
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