The definition of love and peace is the moon

  • The Moon,2.  In the second place, in the moonlight moon, man loves many women. All kinds of wealth are benefitted. Their families do not get much of their love In this place, when the moon is a good thing, it depends on the lucrative under public relations depends on social activities and money. It is fascinating to see that the moon is the best force, because people play in drama and cinema.Lawyer Lawyer is good for the public. Hotels working in the public sector working in the banks of the market are the moon of wealth, and according to the nature of the moon, according to nature’s fluctuations, there is a concern regarding money.Women on the street like lottery gamblers are the richest ones in the world, they help women for economic prosperity. The writer is a doctor of artists and a representative of hourocop in Moon His speech is sweetness, sweet is spoken by anyone, there is humidity in the mouth, because of popularity, this moon loves to eat good automobiles, then it is an oasis If this moon is contaminated, it does not get a predetermined estate, it will be destroyed, there is a lot of responsibility in the home, which are opiate to oppose people and they have to bear it, they have to face problems like financial problems like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Jaywant Dalvi, Pandurang Shastri This is Athavale.
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