Mars is a volcano

  • Mars,12. The person’s 12th position is the one who is hung on the expense of the person who is in the expense of the weapon that destroys the weapon that destroys the material. The desire never ends, it is regularly worried. In this place a strong and auspicious moon gives power for some time but does not get the joy of that power. When people are not good, then they are removed from the power when they die suddenly. The jailer works as a hospital surgeon Hospital temple is donated to donate person to jettison travel abroad The mangal is a bit contaminated, but it is a violation of the right direction. It is a man who is a wandering person, a luxurious neighbor is an addicted and addictive person. With a sense of humor and misfortune, due to an elephant, A gambler who is an adulterous man Born on the lower side, it is time for the surgery to be performed. The time of surgery for the surgery is done. Twelve positions are left to the eye. The eye can be diminished. It can be a threat to the weapon and the accident; people fall victim to murder or death. The driver dies due to an accident in the motor plane. If he is defeated in war, it is the habit of prostitution habit takes Yana imprisoned face exposed  Unconsciousness leads to the destruction of the enemy. Thief robbery from the animal is threatened by robbery; Thief robs the thieves; The man who stole the job is dishonest; The secret enemies are very strong; They suffer from heat disorders; Marital spouse leads to crime; These people are in the black list of the government; black list Destroying single sibling is born and it also becomes defamatory because of its evil nature;
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