Mars is a valcano

  • Mars,11. The eleventh position is the eleventh position, when the mighty mausoleum emerges, when there are plenty of vehicles, there is plenty of heritage and the nature of the property is enjoyed by the government, it is the beneficial benefit of the government, and the horoscope is in the horoscope of the bailiff. Tigers are strong here, right yoga prosperity, these things need to be done, people who are honorable women spend good on eating and drinking pleasure  The likes of the speculative lottery race and the gambling route have the courage needed to be successful in the war, these are the monstrous ambitions of the people and the courage to be proud of them is courage They are benefitted from the Land Management Mechanism building contract. They have soldiers and police in the city  The reputation of chemistry increases in the fifth house due to the tumor, the son gets the help of Bhandar’s culture to help him progress in life.
  • This place’s contaminated Mars never fails to defeat the important battle in the office at the very least, with great super fluousness and excitement.Failure to fight important failures and tremendous failure Many efforts do not get promoted due to the loss of real estate. Gambling is often a financial loss. It is often a financial loss for a person to not get honor in a friend. The friend of a friend does not have the honor of bad people. All the friends are guilty of rape. Juices are contaminated with tummy tucked prostitute and dancing If a person is a government servant who is caught in a bribe or is caught in a bribe, then the desire to get rid of his siblings is inadequate, no one advises the same amount of money, which does not give good advice. At this place, the place of the moon in the place of Mars, the 8th of Central of nepchun was in Yoga as he ordered two cities of Japan to be destroyed by bombing the two cities of millions of people.
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