Mars is a valcano

  • Mars,10. When the tumor arises in the decimal place Even though he was born in inferior manner, he is excelled with a lion, and he has many servants and his condition is related to auspicious people. Very good people are Kuldeep. This place’s mole strength gives a bold approach. It is a military command and an independent attitude that can be a good businessman and a factory, as well as in the eyes of the surgeon, the good military police, the Home Guard Fire Brigade is related to fire and iron related work. This planet is the right person, and it is everywhere in the area where it goes, where no work has reached a higher place, it has no health, unless it is completed. Some people have traditionally and freely lived up to the real estate Military fighter and revolutionary leaders are involved in the correlation between fire and zodiacal Mars. The owner of the printing house, a motor engineer, engineer and aeronautical carpenter comes into this area also, the planet Mars, the limitless cane and willIt is a tale of a trumpet, it is related to all the business ventures needed for adventure and physical strength. People are publicizing their behavior in public. This place’s corrupted tiger is very bad due to suddenness and overwhelming loss of hope, there are incidents of defamation, unbelievers, bad business places come in front of the murderer, the killer is right in the horoscope of the grandfather’s people. Sanjay Dutt is for the benefit of all the people who become addicted to adulteration. It is a public discussion that there is fear of accidental blood poisoning due to excessive losses.
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