Mars is a valcano

  • Mars, 9. When the tumult is raised in the ninth place He will not be considered by his brothers even if they will get the benefit of money and intelligence, but by self-rule,The man who displays auspicious tuition of this place with a physical and intellectual prowess is rewarded by the glory of the heroes of the heroes of politicians, a doctor or a philosopher who receives international recognition.,In the field of engineering, there is an unforgettable performance in the field of medical and mathematics in Chemistry Succeeded by the King and the Shankaracharya, like Shankaracharya, the leader of the bad impressed like the leader of the bad impressed, Digvijay Gyan, creates a mud. It brings the journey of Mars to Mars. It creates truism and is easily impressed by others. The judge and the trader of international trade get the name of the emperor who puts his weight in the study of Rajayog, that is the preference of the hunter, for example Salman Khan Ganesh and Shiva Upasana Kartak are in the horoscope of the bailiff.
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