Mars is a valcano

  • Mars,8 A. In this place, the people who are in the mangled place will die for a long time. BR Ambedkar is in Tulsidas for the sake of the cause of death, because of the greatness of the world, Mahatma Gandhiji and this Mars are not given the pleasure of the brothers. It is more beneficial to see Sasari Poori or a dysfunctional wife, if it is auspicious If he gets a bailiff, but he does not get used to it, then he does not get any use. The person who destroys the eighth house in the octaves destroys the land and the estate. The Goddess’s scar remains as a mark on the face In the eyes of women, unhygienic sex syndrome, sexually transmitted infections, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. do not have sharpness in the eye of women. The glasses are illuminated. It is only fault that these people are being defamed, but they are notoriously bad
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