Mars is a valcano

  • Mars, 8 . When the tumor arises in the 8th They are not benefited from other auspicious planets. 8 th place is Mars. It is right to be tortured. Someone has died due to the death of Jupiter. It is possible only to face the death or to do daring tasks. It is possible that Maharana Pratap Vasant Desai is born on the eve of Lakshmana. It happens but it was always or not but the tragic and calm death It happens because of death. This place is death due to death. It is very sad that the death of the devotee is more than the death of the fame. If the battle becomes bad, then the fight can be fought by a fire that can kill the animal by killing the animal. This is where Makar’s lunar day shani is strong and gives long life and long life. Let us tell you about the experience of Morarji Brother Il
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