Mars is a valcano

  • Mars,7. When the tumult is raised in the seventh house If the woman shows no lenience, she shows widow in a woman’s magazine, while a man is killed in the men’s magazine, the Mars One-Mek makes it harder in this magazine’s magazine.This place is auspicious, its eyes are very happy, because it is a wedding and is in the tenth house, if it is auspicious, then the wife is healthy and well-stocked. The courageous person is the master of the household and yogic exercises.exam.bolliwood actress shilpa shetty Sitting in the letter of Satta Purush, Ekta mars, who gives good fruit in the amount of Guru, in the letter of unmaried man , this yoga is called unmarried and unmaried the husband is aggressive aggressive struggling opponent. Assassin is suffering from menstrual cycle; Marrying away is the result of a unsatisfied marriage. To get married and to have good tuition, Wife receives the husband 
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