Mars is a valcano

  • Mars,5. In the Panchama sthan, when the tornado arises, the offspring does not give happiness, this person becomes a Mantra Mantra master. The place is primarily an offspring of the child. In the childhood, Mars gives auspicious fruit, but there is a tendency in miscarriage and some offspring. It is not possible for children to have connection with them. Doing the pleasure of watching does not stop them from getting worried about it In some cases, miscarriages occur only in miscarriage of women. Menstruation in menstruation is less complicated due to excessive infiltration.In this case, the tense is not considered inauspicious due to the fact that death is due to death and death in the presentation, it should not be considered inauspicious in Panchmahastha, because in the fifth column of the Panchamajjar Pandash, there is only one in the Chandrasara Mango, which means that they have six children and four children and a girl have survived. Being a place, the mathematical engineer in Mars Logic Dhishastra chemistry presents a study of classical subjects in classical subjects. The school is more interested in college. The story is very much like the detective story. It is very interesting to know that singing is very popular, like music, etc. It is known to the players that this game has not been afraid of going to the stage, and it is also a place of love for men and women. They are drawn to each other Nalaigikasukha people get the best of times, children can be an exaggeration to argue that the murder of persons vrttica napusakata are also visayamule Mars is very loose Failure of a habit contamination there will be jethem Yana are addicted to water intoxication jalarasita rape 
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