Mars is a valcano

  • Mars,4. Fourth place is the fourth place in the arc of the auspicious planet, but due to the grace of the superiors, the land gets some amount of hard work and other pleasures.In this place, a person is hungry when he is hungry There is a chest of sudden adventure work, inherited from the heritage of the land, inherited by the heritage, and, in a natural way, these people get their rights in the job by practicing them in business and business.Since this is the sight of Mars, there is an influence on it, due to dictatorial attitude, no mouth open, they are opponents;In the journal of women, the tuft doctor shows marriage in the founding officer. This is a tumor in the landlord’s letter.Giving birth to a mother’s milk is a real estate mortgage. During the birth, there is a lot of inauspicious fruits in the month of maternal love. The tiredness of the looter is the habit of plundering others. The wealth of wealth is never reduced. Virtue is not being followed. There is dissatisfaction in all cases. Taurus found good fruit Other than other than morality, Scorpio is good Mars is very bad cancer with bad people are born great men, chest pain, heart explodes on Mars possible end position of annoying possible
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