Mars is a Valcano

Mars,3. Mars in the third place Mangal offers agriculture and semen as well as lack of wealth, this person is ridiculous in people In this place, only this place has been given fruit, but this is the place where the natural third locator Mithun Rashi is found to be fruitful in physical and intellectual pursuits At this place are light Padukone born Although such a person is born in any case, they get names and fame with their own strengths. Fighting spirit prevails, bodybuilding is good The power and skill required in the field play. The state that generates a state like a state of good governance with a police account. Destroy it on the enemy. These are the victorious players and the brave fighters. The journey is very much on the go, the articles are historic. Astrologer’s writings are published as authoritative and inspirational.The ominous tumor shows sudden and accidental death of the brothers on the backs. The harassment accidents are on the journey. Neighbors are in conflict and thoughts like suicide and commit suicide. Writing and struggling have to fight. There is hostility to the siblings. And the other thing is that owing to the bad effect, the other thing is that due to heat, Disrupted the second sinister children Ou can go and semen that was apavyava terrorists, gavagunda, revolutionary, contaminate Mars looks like this is the third place in the horoscope of the oppressive ruling.

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