Mars is a valcano

Mars,2.When the amount of arousal arises in the person’s place, in the second place His wealth does not help anyone like a monkey jeweler, which is ruined From this place, the main money can be considered here. The auspicious tuition is for a lot of money. Machinery and iron and steel housing. Tea Coffee Tobacco spices Gambling to get instant money, such as killer drugs, travel items, etc., in business and business People are expensive, there is no sense to teach how to spend money, if there is no sense to teach them how to spend money, the estate of ancestor would be lost if there is a loser. Due to the devastation of financial income due to the devastation of financial wealth, wealth is destroyed due to gambling. This is because of the eye position, because eyes are big and power full  are reddish. In the vision, forcibly contaminated tears, terrible face, curvature shows eyes to the eyes and pimples. Cataract requires surgery to use glasses, there is fear of blindness. It is a place where reading is a logical point of self-confidence, sound and effective. If it is contaminated, then the self-aware and selfish Stupid talk shows false speech 

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