Mars is a volcano

Mars,The person who is tired in the first place of the person is very angry and has trouble with eyeball and headache Just like a stroke from the iron matter in the direction of Mars in the direction of Mars, the same way that the turtle The salient effect of the first tale near the marriage is that the body of the orange or bodybuilder organs and strong builds is harder than the stout black or high-quality hone and ligaments.Pigmented with a sharp red eyed curly eyes Sometimes the eyeballs suddenly stabilize and the water can be seen as small as small balls The head is short hair curly forehead, the narrow face is the cornerstone. The star of the face is brittle or ruffy. The lower part of the lips is thin and pressed.Small belt tightening in the stomach, chest and stomach The hair on the head of women is long black and thick, in the form of the zodiac sign, there is variation in the form, but they can also be known from the eyes of the fire. Mars shows the trauma and fire extinguishment. If it is on the face of Mars, adultery shows selfishness.

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