Mars is a volcano

Mars,A. Karkat  etining In Scorpio, affectionsexul  is a mineral liquor; If Taurus is a virulent virgin and Capricorn, then Gemini and Libra can be cured of sexual desire and greed, and chilly pelvic ulcer stomach disorders, densor of fire Devi,Malignant and inflammatory hemorrhoid fundamental antipartipaccharides skin problem damaged skin Tumors of gastric cyteractics. Various types of disorders show contaminated tusks of marriage, these people are afraid of wild beasts Successful relation of this place to the person who is brave and courageous courageous courageous brave man, surely, a powerful freedom fighter debate, skilled attempts, hard work and hard work, industrialists make attractive and politicians, in times of crisis, these people will not shudder.Because of their ability to work continuously, due to the fact that manhood is going out of the oceans, it is the leader in the work of any work. The auspicious person makes the jitendra, exercising and Yoga and field games and keeping your health fit in any field. At this place, V Shantaram is born on Dilip Kumar’s auspicious grounds

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