Magic Of Venus

  • Venus 12,A.Since Venus is the natural high place of the sperm, Venus in this amount of 2 ,7 ,10 ,11, 12 gives very good fruit, not only in terms of sexual bliss but also in Venus viewer business But this place is contaminated by the addiction of Venus, because of the addiction and indecisional inviting people who are also in shame and shame even in the public places, who are expenditurey and mischievous. Such people leave their wives to be the best in the world, for the Gurusukta Vruta, to show the secret subject matter, and to spend a lot of money on women, it is clear that women have to face hostile and abusive behavior. This is a bad week for women, they all fail to love by giving donations of gratitude, Sadness bumps, Venus differs for separation and divorce. This is a demonstration of sexual promiscuity. If this is Venus-Tue Commissioner, eye surgery is a disease of the genitals. It is a disease of the foreigners who spoil the name. The sinful planet does not hesitate to ruin the women for financial gain, and participated in it with a sweet tongue, which is the attitude of the Gupta Vidya Vashikaran Group such weapons Attitudes for tax evasion of luxury are abused by studying sate Many restrictions which do not expect hospitality from them. Venus gives less life expectancy to be prone to sin in the heart of 1,4, 6, 8. Rationalism is the perversity of the world. If there is failure in love, marriage is too late and there is no dissonance in sexual happiness. In the important things, there is a drastic failure, why the Brahmas of secret love affairs are in their hands? That’s not the case

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