Magic Of Venus

  •  Venus ,11 B.In the eleventh position ie, in Venus, when the house is contaminated with Venus, this person is an adulterer. Their entire family is also involved in dirty behavior; they are disfigured. If they fail to disrupt their behavior in the office, their behavior is disgusting in the office. For lovers of money and money, the friends of the looted girl, their friend and lightweight marriage mate If there is a loss of gambling speculation, there is a gambling speculation that is contaminated, but if it is very contaminated by a bottle of alcohol, then it is not illegal to see the child born from immoral bonds. It is unnecessary that the money can be obtained by accident and the same thing is done in thousands of lakhs. To keep that intact, your own wife will keep intact, but one man will not leave a lot of corruption If it is contaminated and will have friends wife instruction Overall Venus is the place to be this person is loose concubinary

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