Magic Of Venus

  • Venus 11,A. Since Venus is in the benefit of the beneficiaries, fortunately after her marriage, the sperm is married to love marriage and friendship. Pre-marriage is known to the identity of the friend or wife, and wife will also be given the Minister of Health for the award on other friends. Because of this Venus, they have a lot of friends before marriage These people are artists who have artistic knowledge, they have the knowledge of art. The world’s richest man, Paul Getty, is at the eleventh position of Venus. Moon is sometimes called Venus, giving a great splendor rather than a guru, but in this horoscope, the planet is in the horoscope with the moon’s moon. Venus is very good for a business Since Venus is in the benefit place, all of the nutritional food collections are available in many picturesque fashionable precious and cosmetic items as gifts and are bought. Pictures are pictures of photographs that are bought and do not like changing the place of the house to enjoy the home. Want to.

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