Magic Of Venus

  • Venus, 10 B. This tenth place is that the corrupted Venus in atachment  places shows women abusive women who become ill-treated due to their excesses and wealth, and their behavior by making women vulnerable. Addiction and gambling leads to stubbornness; People who are selfish; Contaminated sperm count; Venus creates obstacles; divorce gives divorce . Such a woman gets discounted in the name of such a woman. There is a love affair in their life that they have to worry about their life, they have to spend their time in the office. Venus is the author of the book ‘Baptism of Sex’ in the decade of Havelock Ellis, a well-known British psychologist.Surprisingly, the horoscope of Scorpio’s natural death, so many Hindi films of Dilip Kumar are known for their horoscope. Piramat is a sequel of tenths opposition which is a real love story in many films where there is a real decree of this scorpio in the decay.

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