Magic Of Venus

  • Venus 10. When the Venus is rising in the eighth place, it is said that the Brahmin community is virtuous and scholars are wandering in their country and abroad for their wealth.This place is auspicious for this place to be auspicious. It is a good time to have good yoga in life and things can be obtained without any qualifications, but a great job is not available in the absence of ability, it is easy to get success in the work that is undertaken. Cool job is to be honored with life. Land-house-to-house, casualty-of-the-art comforts, etc. All the women get a lot of shelter from the Aishwarya, and they get shelter from the high hoursscop clan or the rich lady of the family. After marriage, they can get promotions and gain rights and prosperity. This marriage increases respect and dignity in the society. Popular Sovereignty Scholar philanthropist  Sociological friendliness is peaceful, calm and appealing. Because they are lucky that they do not take any of their high car susceness their relatives enjoy this comfort, and the son’s son enjoys the soup better, and the happiness of the grandfather becomes so long-lived. Shanti  is home to a happy family life.

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