Magic Of Venus

  • Venus, 9 B. Ninth place, if it is inauspicious, it does not get good results, there is a hindrance in taxpayers, your father dies due to a long illness Sexual harassment appears to be of a respectable woman’s relative or daughter and teacher If there is sex in the lower and lower class, if there is sex and if it is impaired, then it is immoral to have a higher female than the old age. This work is done in some places like pilgrim place to satisfy hunger. Some magazines do not fail in marriage due to attachment to marriage.It is not good in the field of literature, in some magazines, there is a relation between religious or social bondage for sexual reciprocity, and is found to be related to any woman except mother and daughter. If the person is in the writings of the person, then the person who is involved in the case of women is facing a similar problem.Therefore, the court takes suo motu cognizance of verdicts, shows Marriage and legal divorce, 8th Central India’s King has married 6, he has got the pleasure of the woman received 1, the widow 2, the hanging 3, the groom 4, the open 5, the beheading 6, the systematic This is because Venus and Ketu’s alliance in the part of Taurus is fiercely condemned by the people to get publicity. C accept it and become successful is bent to the misuse Mantanya 

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