Magic Of Venus

  • Venus,9.Whose place of Venus is there in the horoscope in the horoscope  Living a healthy body and long life, people live happily in the lives of brothers and servants and servants On the fateful day of festivals, the woman’s grace, after the marriage, becomes part of the family and her family is well supported by the goodness of the people, who are kind and friendly to the merciful philanthropist and the traveling merchant. This is the reason why godblesing, a pilgrim who works like this, is doing good work in the house of Guru Dev devoted to his happiness. He wants to get the pleasure of his son. He enjoys high garments and ornaments. He loves the craft of mantra and educates it. This person is lucky and gets higher education. Sucsess and action abroad, poetry dramas, poems, novels, novels, folklore, singing, dance, painting, sculpture, and theater Religious writing specialties begins with medals, others get a ministerial appointment

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