Magic Of Venus

Vinus,8. The person who is giving a glow in the organization of his life is very busy He is very comfortable with many cabs and a lot of other vehicles During this place auspicious Venus benefits from marriage, getting tich  or earning a woman or gettige a lot of money as a reward for Doury form In the form of Bhiksha, the death sentence is interpreted as an inheritance of an elderly woman, as soon as she dies, as well as the hidden wealth found in it, without any effort, gets wealth and financial benefits In this place, Venus was upset. Yes, in the business, there is a lot of money in the power lottery, gambling, etc. Many times the money goes unpredictable. Marriage suddenly happens. In the event of a wedding or death, a girl gets recognized and married Patients who are pure Sage Satisfaction and longevity are good students are studying specialties Manik and astrologer are born on this sperm, spreading the philosophy of society from sex

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