Magic Of Venus

  • cropped-images-301.jpgVenus, 7  when Venus grows in the seventh place, people go to work abroad and earn a lot of money. Their wife Sunder Sushil, in the direction of the sperm, the woman had the first child. The seventh place of the sperm is the natural place of her husband. The person who has a Venus is very quick, the marriage is too early for the age of 12 Motivate Early Marriage Ethics These people are very fond of others, otherwise people have to go to the left path, they are very attractive to women and women. These people get a attractive body of a woman. If their physical impairment is less then they are very nice in nature. This woman is very beautiful, elegant, clever, low, charming, entertaining, loving, virtuous. Sex in demand is up to 2,4,7,9,11,12 with a face sharpness Vi Gemini body is appealing highlight the body is properly designed, Virgo, Leo, is not squint slightly so makaretadolyata beauty darsiva saptamata Fri asalyanetyanna than not are more interested in other things sriyanceakarsana

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