Magic Of Venus

  • Venus, 6th, occurs when the contamination of Venus is found to be contaminated, it is bad for those who are suffering from coughing and immorality, they suffer from urinary tract diseases, incestious disease, cataract, stomach disorders, and women do not have any love for their wives, They try to ward off the line but they do This is also not used in London. It is the same disease that comes out of London. Both of those who die are usually married to their husbands, or they are married to one-offs. It is a matter of fact that there are people who are harmonious with God, they are relatives, adulterers, gamblers, female relatives, The result of the extreme kavasanam result is that people are practicing, witchcraft, and so on Dyakaranaryalokansi sambadhathevata Yana loss consecrated women were talking vidyasikataparantumantraulate is vansakaranyacanveda of what they were like the feet were created to bayakanvarakharca much money milavatatasevati not javalapasakahica components using non-rights situation is not any march.

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