Magic Of Venus

  • Venus 6, in whose horoscope there is a fear of piracy in the sixth place of the horoscope, and some of them are stolen while traveling, they will have to do some acts of faith, but they do not have to lose a lot because they are part of the Mantra. These people eat good fruits while they are auspicious The people who run their health better do not have the work to do that they do not have the work to do. This is the job of the civic workers. There is a lot of money being spent on the rich and furious post. As people get all the benefits, they work on large posts in the clinics, hotels, cloth shops, theaterclub, Vedici, and very easy to do, as well as different types of mantras heal the illness Mama and Bhacha have very friendly relations with Mama and Bhachi, who are very friendly to all types of pets, where there is a form of mummy in the least, which is very attractive to the women and is benefited greatly from women. Even the financially, there is no help from women. But the problem is to be a woman in distress To help, they are inexplicable

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