Magic Of Venus

Venus, 1B, Venus, a happy person, satisfied to get a calm mind, love of clothing, beauty choice is co-ordinative and delightful. People do not like the struggle for humility, cultures, their love for their home, men and women, relatives, friends, singing, singing, drama, cinema, If the Akkas are permanent, the marriage starts early. Venus is good for auspicious people who are interested in happiness. People, like granddaughters, painters, singers, players, painters, are tinged with tastes, and they like to love sweet foods. Under the law of the sperm, women are very attractive, they love all kinds of things but men love being romantic. They are loved by men, beautiparlar, when they grow up in the seventh house and on the expense, men like to see the eyes open in front of their eyes. Smile on face Looks slightly lip. Try to show your body And they are trying to show that it is important to him, an important example of long hair, small lips, nose, etc.,

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